Acting 1 with Amy Hartman

This workshop is ideal for actors with little to no formal training as well as actors who have been away from the craft and are looking to sharpen their acting chops. Actors never stop learning. Whether you’re dream is film, theatre or voice acting this workshop is designed to wake up with creative imagination allowing… Read more »

Improvisation for the Actor with Missy Moreno

Missy Moreno teaches any level of improviser/actor in the areas of improvisation (advanced /beginner/ long form / short form/ musical and sketch). Let the foundations and skills of Improvisation keep your scripted work and artistic mind fresh for any type of work that may come your way. Utilize the bold and brave concepts of ‘improv’… Read more »

Audition Techniques Boot Camp w/ Daina Griffith

Auditioning is the hardest—yet most rewarding—part of our business. When we nail it, we feel like we’re on top of the world. When we bomb, we question why we’re even auditioning in the first place. Are you new to auditioning? Have you been auditioning forever but can’t seem to nail your callback? Want to learn… Read more »


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